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Safe Retirement Living

Searching for reliable and safe retirement living communities can be a difficult time in your life, whether you’re looking for yourself or a loved one. Knowing your own unique needs or those of a loved one will help you on the journey, but making sure every facility you consider meets those needs can be exhausting.

At The Woodlands Senior Park in Fond du Lac, we offer various levels of care and monitoring for our residents, as well as services that make life easier and safer. Located in Fond du Lac, WI, our facility overlooks 30 acres of stunning grounds for our residents to enjoy, and while everything has a very residential look and feel, we’re equipped with everything necessary to provide unbeatable care and protection for your loved one. From on-site medical staff to hospice care and more, we have the solutions for those complicated concerns that come with aging.

Woodlands Senior Park residential facility

Community Features

We at The Woodlands Senior Park in Fond du Lac retirement living community know how important a connection to nature is for many people, so our campus is situated on 30 lush acres of forest, complete with a stream. Our residents get to enjoy viewing wildlife, from geese and swans to foxes and deer. Even when indoors, our residents enjoy the beauty of the land through the strategically positioned windows in each room.

Indoors you will find our sitting areas in each independent senior living facility, complete with fireplaces and in a convenient central location. We have activity rooms that encourage exercise, games, and more, and they can also be used for family events. Full-service kitchens and dining areas offer healthy, nutritious meals and snacks, as well as coffee and specially made meals for those with unique dietary needs.

Levels and Types of Care Offered

Our community doubles as a safe place for medical assistance and monitoring. We employ a registered nurse and licensed practical nurse, both of whom are on site during the week for 16 hours a day. At all times, a certified nursing assistant is on site, and the RN and LPN are on call during nights and weekends if a situation arises that needs their attention. Every room has an emergency response system installed, and we offer medication monitoring and administration services.

Beyond these services, we also offer specialized levels of care. We can utilize wander monitoring systems for the safety and protection of residents with dementia, using items such as hallway cameras and door alarms if needed. Hospice care services are available also in our retirement living community for those who are terminally ill, and diabetic care services such as blood sugar monitoring and specialized meals can be requested as well.

Why Woodlands Matters

We at The Woodlands Senior Park retirement living believe that our closeness to nature and ability to provide expert nursing care in a relaxed, comfortable, and community-oriented setting benefits our residents in many ways. From companionship to a sense of belonging, the mental rewards our residents draw from our independent senior living setting can positively impact their overall health. This, combined with our excellent care, allows them to age gracefully and joyfully in the comfort of a place they’re happy to call home.

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