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Healthy Living and Dining

For seniors especially, balanced eating and healthy living are important aspects of life, no matter where you reside. At The Woodlands Senior Park in Fond du Lac, we encourage residents to embrace healthy living while providing them with dining options that do the same. From balanced and nutritious meals to heart-healthy snacks, all our dining options are tailored to the unique needs of aging individuals in our care. While we encourage our residents to be active by exploring our beautiful grounds, participating in activities, and playing games together, we know how big of an effect food has on their health. Balanced, healthy meals are just another way we care for our Fond du Lac, WI, residents as we would care for our own family.


Woodlands Senior Park dining area

Healthy Food Offerings

Low in salt, low in fat, but still delicious—is it possible? We know it is. At Woodlands, our dietary manager carefully crafts homemade, delicious meals with the health of our residents in mind. We know that healthy living is ineffective unless the diet is taken into consideration, so we provide our residents and their guests with meals designed to promote balanced nutrition, heart health, and strong bodies.

From the ingredients to portion management, every aspect of our meals is created with health in mind. While we definitely don’t let our residents go hungry, we’re careful about portioning out healthy amounts for each resident. We serve three whole meals at regular times throughout the day, and snacks and coffee are available as well whenever residents want them.

Woodlands Senior Park dining area

Specialized Meals

For many of our residents, healthy living and dining means more restricted or specialized meals that have been carefully prepared. Whether it’s food allergies, heart conditions, or diabetes, we take great care to ensure we’re aware of every health factor that affects what foods a resident should or shouldn’t eat. Residents who have heart conditions will enjoy a low-salt diet loaded with fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and fish, while being limited on the amount of fried and baked goods they receive. Those with diabetes or similar conditions can enjoy a diet low in salt, dairy, carbohydrates, and trans fats, eating mostly lean meats, vegetables, fruits, legumes, beans, and wheat products. All residents with food allergies can have meals specially prepared for them away from whatever food item they’re allergic to, without contamination.

Expert Care, Everywhere

At The Woodlands Senior Park in Fond du Lac, our commitment is to the health of our residents, and we’ll do whatever we need to in order to facilitate better health choices for them. Ensuring that each resident eats a balanced diet and gets what he or she needs is one of our top concerns here, so we take careful measures when preparing nutritious meals that taste delicious. Everything we do is dedicated to fostering an environment that focuses on healthy choices, and we make sure our dining options are no exception.

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